About ARK istanbul vessel constructions

ARK ISTANBUL HAS SIGNED AN AGREEMENT WITH LUCOS MARIN   ARK Istanbul has signed an agreement with LUCOS MARIN, which conducts maritime transportation between Russia and Turkey, for the supply of ship chandlers in Çanakkale and Aliağa to two hundred sixty river – sea vessels. With this agreement, through which the company will supply ship chandlers to one thousand and two hundred vessels, ARK has attained a considerable place amongst ship chandleries. ARK, which provides services on contract basis, has increased its activities by the establishment of ARK Europe Ltd in the Tuzla Free Zone. Aykut BİLOL, who informed about us about the subject, stated the following: “During recent times, we were tracking the companies making maritime shipment from Russia. The only problem of these companies was their inability to find mutual freights. We have made some studies on this subject. We are providing mutual freight to companies which make business with us. Owing to this support of ours, we are providing their signing sign long-term contracts with us”. Bilol stated that the company value rested on such long-term contracts rather than good service, and said: “There are already foreign firms that are interested in our companies, but unless we amass 5000 vessels and 20 year – year long contracts, we are not planning to take any partners. Whereas ARK Europe and ARK Istanbul provides resident services in the harbors of Istanbul, Aliağa, Mersin and Rhodes, it provides all kinds of services in all harbors owing to its enterprise partners that provide transportation and warehousing services. 

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